Credit Cards accepted at pick up point & charged through i phone banking application or prepay online to insure your seating for visitation.
         T.I.F.F LLC (Transporting Inmate Friends & Families) provides

transportation to all CT Correctional Facilities for 1 hour visitations. We

are proud to say we are Connecticut's first and only legally licensed

prison visitation shuttle (Livery permit no.3240). Beware of imitators! Call and schedule a trip to

your desired facility today.

         Ride in the luxury of a fully insured, fully inspected, new 15 passenger Chevy

Express. Our vehicles are equipped with full coverage insurance and a reliable

passenger endorsed licensed driver. All trips are scheduled to arrive at facility half an

hour early. It is passengers responsibility to verify if they are active on inmates visiting

list. We encourage all clients to contact facility prior to trip.
        Providing transportation for 1 hour visitations to all CT Correctional

Facilities....with an exception for  Malony, Gates, and Bergin whom are closed

down indefinitely. Also we do not provide transportation to the county jails. All

Pickups at Stamford, Norwalk, Bridgeport and New Haven Bus terminals, located

at city train station. Prices are as follows...$35 round trip from Stamford, Norwalk,

Bridgeport, and New Haven